Serbia to investigate health consequences of 1999 NATO bombing

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The decision was proposed by Speaker of the Serbian Parliament Maja Gojkovic on May 4.

Most of the MPs, both of the ruling parties and the opposition, stated their belief in the causal connection between the bombing and spread of cancer and other diseases, agreeing about the necessity to establish such a body.

The decision adopted by majority of 156 MPs, out of 280, foresees the establishment of a small parliamentary committee "of five or six members" to be selected and headed by MP Darko Laketic, also a doctor of urology, who will prepare six-month reports about their work to the parliament and file their first preliminary findings and suggested measures in 2020.

The committee, according to them, should bring the truth about this important issue -- exact harm inflicted by the military use of uranium projectiles during the 78-day U.S.-led bombing in the spring of 1999, and ways to prevent consequences that might exist to current or future generations of citizens.

BELGRADE, May 18 (Xinhua) -- Serbian Parliament on Friday adopted the decision to form a committee for the inquiry into consequences of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombing in 1999 to the health of citizens and the environment, with a special reflection on projectiles containing uranium.